Developmental Disability Awareness Month!

March 15, 2022

March is Developmental Disability Awareness Month! This is a time to think about all the awesome things people with Developmental Disabilities do! It is also a time to reflect on how we can make a better world for people with Developmental Disabilities. To follow events and discussions during this month you can search hashtags (#)

March 21st is World Down Syndrome Day

March 10, 2022

People with Down Syndrome have three instead of two chromosomes 21. As a result, World Down Syndrome say is on 3.21. This day was recognized by the United Nations in 2011 in the hopes that the day would bring awareness to people with down syndrome and advocate for their equality in day-to-day life. World Down

Pledge to Include Today

March 3, 2022

People with disabilities are often excluded from able bodied communities. That is why it is important for every person to pledge to include people with disabilities. Spread the Word Inclusion works to encourage others to stop saying insensitive words like the r word. Saying the r-word is very offensive but it is still commonly said

What is Supported Decision Making?

February 24, 2022

In Washington under the new Uniform Guardianship law there is now an official option to use supported decision making for people with disabilities. Below is information about supported decision making and how to start the process.   What is supported decision making? Supported decision making contracts are written documents that adults with disabilities can enter

How to sign in for Remote Testimony at the Washington Legislature

February 17, 2022

The Washington Legislature are holding committee meetings remotely this year. That means that people can participate in hearings from their home. People can submit written testimony, sign in support or oppose to a bill or even testify over Zoom. Disability Rights Washington has put together video and written instructions on how to sign up!

新年快乐 Means Happy New Year!

February 10, 2022

February 12th is Chinese New Year! This is one of the most important holidays in China and is a time to celebrate the new year with family. It is celebrated on the first day of the Chinese calendar. The Chinese calendar is on a 12-year cycle and each year is represented by an animal. These

Plan for your financial future

January 28, 2022

People with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and their families should plan for how they are going to budget their money and plan for the future. There are different types of accounts that can help people manage their money so they can do the things they want! To help you begin to understand some of

What are your New Year Resolutions?

January 18, 2022

Let’s be honest – 2021 was a rough year. But as the new year rings in, it is important that we have resolutions that will have a positive impact on the community! Here are some great new year’s resolutions! 1. Try to remember to ask people with disabilities which type of language they prefer: People

Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Martin Luther King Junior

January 12, 2022

Every year on the third Monday of January, people from around the world, recognize Martin Luther King Jr. and the impact his work has had on society. Many people in America get a day off of school or work to recognize the civil rights leader. This holiday encourages people to follow in Martin Luther King

Governor’s Proposed Budget Announced

January 7, 2022

The 2022 legislative session will start on January 10. Governor Jay Inslee announced his budget proposal ahead of the start of session. In the upcoming months the House and Senate will put out their budgets. Then they will all decide on the final budget. Advocates can let their legislators know where they want the money