Complaint Line: 833–727–8900 Welcome to DD Ombuds!

 The Office of the Developmental Disabilities Ombuds (DD Ombuds) is a private, independent office focused on improving the lives of persons with developmental disabilities in Washington State.

The team is comprised of staff experienced in serving the needs of people with developmental disabilities. The Ombuds have offices in Seattle, Spokane and Olympia.

Other activities:

  • Provide information
  • Investigate complaints
  • Monitor procedures
  • Review facilities and residences
  • Conduct investigations
  • Recommend changes
  • Write reports

Latest News

Vilissa Thompson

October 23, 2020

This week we will be highlighting Vilissa Thompson, one of the most influential Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) Disability Advocates today. In fact, she recently spoke at the Democratic National Convention, and worked with Senator Elizabeth Warren on creating the Disability Rights and Equality Policy Plan. Thompson is a social worker as well as

Lois Curtis and the Omstead Decision

October 21, 2020

This week, DD Ombuds is celebrating Lois Curtis, who was instrumental in getting the Olmstead Decision passed. The Olmstead Decision allowed for people with disabilities to be independent, in addition to ending the segregation between people with and without disabilities. To learn more about the Olmstead Decision watch this quick video from Disability Rights Washington.

BIPOC Disabled History: Roland Johnson

October 15, 2020

As we continue to celebrate Disability History Month it is also important that we continue to highlight the BIPOC activists who we tend to forget. This week we will be talking about Roland Johnson, one of the most prominent figures in the fight to end of institutions in America. At age 12 Johnson was sent

Black Disabled History

October 13, 2020

Although there were many disabled people of color who impacted the Civil Rights and Disability Rights movements, the media tends to forget them. As a result, DD Ombuds will be highlighting various Disabled BIPOC people who have made our society better throughout various blog posts. Today’s post is dedicated to Brad Lomax, a disability advocate

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