End Abuse of People with Disabilities

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Violence against people with disabilities occurs at alarming rates. People with disabilities experience violent victimization at rates three times higher than people without disabilities, making them one of the most harmed groups in the country. People with disabilities are less likely than people without disabilities to receive services that increase their safety and support their healing.

Policymakers, practitioners, and other personnel in the crime victims, criminal justice, and disability fields can take simple steps to help address abuse of people with disabilities. Learn more about what works and get practical resources to help you quickly implement promising solutions in your work.

Arc of Washington

Arc of Washington Home Page
Arc of Washington Resource Web Page
The Arc of Washington’s website is home to a particularly exhaustive list of resources on intellectual and developmental disabilities in Washington State, including information on how to get involved in legislative advocacy.

Self Advocates Becoming Empowered (SABE)

SABE USA Website

SABE’s Mission Statement
“To ensure that people with disabilities are treated as equals and that they are given the same decisions, choices, rights, responsibilities, and chances to speak up to empower themselves; opportunities to make new friends, and to learn from their mistakes.”

Disability Services ASAP (A Safety Awareness Program)

Disability Services ASAP Web Page
Disability Services ASAP (A Safety Awareness Program), located in Austin Texas, provides training and education to help increase awareness about and prevent sexual and domestic violence and abuse. Through custom designed presentations and trainings for disability service providers, domestic and sexual violence staff and criminal justice personnel, the program offers technical assistance and consultation to individuals and organizations seeking guidance to reduce the risks of abuse against individuals with disabilities or to enhance accessibility to persons with disabilities. The website offers resources and information on awareness and prevention of sexual and domestic violence against people with disabilities.

Self Advocates in Leadership (SAIL)

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Self Advocates in Leadership Resource Page
SAIL is an advocacy group comprised of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities who work on disability rights policy issues in Washington State.

People First of Washington

People First of Washington Home Page
People First is a Self Advocacy organization with chapters all across the state, that holds annual conventions.

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Disability Rights Washington

Disability Rights Washington Home Page
Voice: (800) 562-2702 or (206) 324-1521
Language interpreters are available via the AT&T Language Line.
Please use 711 for Washington Relay Service (TTY).
Collect calls from correctional facilities are accepted.
DRW does not respond to voicemails requesting information and referrals or other assistance. Learn how to request services from DRW.
Disability Rights Washington Email
Disability Rights Washington is the Protection and Advocacy agency for Washington.

Rooted in Rights Web Page
Rooted in Rights is a video and social media project of Disability Rights Washington. They create accessible, authentic stories that empower our community and advocate for disability rights.

Washington State Developmental Disabilities Council

Washington State Developmental Disability Council Home Page
The Washington State Developmental Disabilities Council is focused on the creation of policies and practices that help individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities have meaningful, whole lives.

National Disability Rights Network

National Disability Rights Network Home Page

Phone: 202-408-9514

National Disability Rights Network Email

The National Disability Rights Network are Protection and Advocacy agencies across the nation that work to uphold and advance disability rights using legal means.