Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Martin Luther King Junior.

January 18, 2021

Every year on the third Monday of January, people from around the world, recognize Martin Luther King Jr. and the impact his work has had on society. Many people in America get a day off of school or work to recognize the civil rights leader. This holiday encourages people to follow in Martin Luther King

What are your New Year Resolutions?

January 14, 2021

Let’s be honest – 2020 was a rough year. But as the new year rings in, it is important that we have resolutions that will have a positive impact on the community! Here are some great new year’s resolutions! 1. Try to remember to ask people with disabilities which type of language they prefer: People

Happy Braille Day!

January 5, 2021

January 4th is Braille Day and celebrates the birthday and legacy of Louis Braille! At age 3 Braille injured his eye and ultimately became blind. Even though he was incredibly bright, he could not read or write. At the Royal Institute for Blind Youth, Braille developed his own written language composed of dots, this is

Winter Holidays You Should Know About!

December 14, 2020

We all know about Christmas and Hanukkah, but a lot of people do not realize that there are tons of holidays being celebrated over the winter months. Here are some amazing holidays that you should definitely be aware of: 1. Saint Nicholas Day: This Holiday is celebrated throughout Europe on December 6th. The night before

Happy Human Rights Day!

December 10, 2020

December 10th marks Human Rights Day. This holiday celebrates the United Nation’s adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states the rights and freedoms that all people have. This year marks the 72nd anniversary of the document. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is used around the world and is the most translated

Staying Healthy in the Winter

December 2, 2020

With COVID cases increasing around the world, it is incredibly important to remember the protocols that are going to keep us safe! This winter Doctors suspect there is going to be another spike in COVID cases because we will all be spending more time indoors. 1. Wash your hands for one minute every time you

10 Tips for Getting Work Done at home!

November 24, 2020

It’s safe to say that trying to get work done at home can be difficult and distracting. That’s why we have compiled our recommendations to make working from home as enjoyable and productive as possible. 1. Create a schedule and stick to it!! It is especially helpful if you have a planner or use a

DD Ombuds Annual Report

November 20, 2020

Each year the DD Ombuds lets the legislature know about the concerns of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. The Annual Report for state fiscal year 2020 includes details about the work of the DD Ombuds and specific recommendations to improve services and supports for the DD community. If you have a concern or

Authors with Disabilities show us how it’s done!

November 19, 2020

November is the best time to write and read books as it is National Novel Writing Month. If you want some recommendations from authors with disabilities, look no further! · The Pretty One by Keah Brown: This book is about Keah’s life understanding the harsh realities of being disabled and black in a white, able-bodied

State Developmental Disabilities 2021 budget proposals 

November 12, 2020

The Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) released their 2021 decision package that contains their budget request and budget reductions. State agencies were asked to review their budgets and look for cuts that can take place. This is because of the economic impacts of the Corona Virus. Below are the proposals that DDA submitted in the Department