December 10th marks Human Rights Day. This holiday celebrates the United Nation’s adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states the rights and freedoms that all people have. This year marks the 73nd anniversary of the document. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is used around the world and is the most translated document. Here is a short video from a couple years back about the Declaration:

It is really important that you know your own human rights!

Feel free to read or listen to the declaration here. This database has a recording and print version of the declaration in over 500 languages.

If you want to watch a recording of it in sign language check this website out:

Here is the document in the form of a picture book, if you prefer to read that way:

Every year Human Rights Day has a theme. In 2019 it was “Youth Standing Up for Human Rights” which celebrated the work that the youth have done over the past year to fight for a more equitable future.

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