Did you know?

There are a lot of national advocacy groups, and they make lots of cool things. They give out information that can help people with developmental disabilities to become better self advocates. This is a short list of websites where you can find that information.

People First of Washington is the largest self advocacy organization in Washington State and has chapters from Spokane to Port Angeles. They have been making advocacy happen for 40 years. You can go to their website to find a local chapter where self advocates can help you in person or over Zoom.

SARTAC stands for Self Advocacy Resource and Technical Assistance Center, and it was created by Self Advocates Becoming Empowered(SABE) in 2016. SABE is a national self advocacy organization. They have lots of different self advocacy resources created for and by people with developmental disabilities.

Located in Vermont, the Green Mountain Self Advocates have become known across the country for creating fantastic and easily accessible resources for people with developmental disabilities.

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