People with disabilities are often excluded from able bodied communities. That is why it is important for every person to pledge to include people with disabilities.

Spread the Word Inclusion works to encourage others to stop saying insensitive words like the r word. Saying the r-word is very offensive but it is still commonly said today, especially in schools. In 2017 70% of teens admitted to using the r-word in conversation but in 2009, only 48% of teens stood up against it (Spread the Word Inclusion). This intolerance needs to end and able-bodied allies must learn to stand up for people with disabilities.

March 3rd is Spread the Word Inclusion Day. At you can pledge to include people with and without disabilities. This will hold us all accountable to make the world more inclusive for all.

Initially the r-word was used as a medical term. However, over time this word was no longer used medically and instead it was used to call someone stupid. This furthers the harmful and false stereotype that disabled people are stupid. Because this word is so harmful, in 2010 President Obama passed Rosa’s Law which removed the r word from all federal documents. Many states, but not all, have followed the federal government’s lead and have removed that harmful word from their documents.

To support the mission, go to and tell your family and friends why you pledge to include.

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