In Washington under the new Uniform Guardianship law there is now an official option to use supported decision making for people with disabilities. Below is information about supported decision making and how to start the process.


What is supported decision making?

  • Supported decision making contracts are written documents that adults with disabilities can enter into with another person, their supporter. The supporter assists the person in making and sharing decisions, but cannot make decisions for the person.

How do you start a supported decision making agreement?

  • Supported decision making agreements are created between the person with a disability and the person they wish to support them. A template can be found here (RCW 11.1130.745) the agreement then gets signed by two witnesses or a notary.
  • This process does not have to be approved by the courts.

Who can be a Supported decision Maker?

  • According to the administrative office of the courts a supporter may be a family member or friend or other individual interested in assisting an adult with disabilities. Certain people may not be supporters, including the adult’s employer or employee, or a person providing paid support service to the adult. Immediate family members of the adult in those roles may be supporters

What type of decisions can they help you make decisions about?

  • Supported decision makers can help with a wide variety of decisions. This can include day to day life decisions, managing money, healthcare and doctor visits, and advocacy support. In the agreement the two people decide what type of decisions the support will be in.


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