The 2022 legislative session will start on January 10. Governor Jay Inslee announced his budget proposal ahead of the start of session. In the upcoming months the House and Senate will put out their budgets. Then they will all decide on the final budget. Advocates can let their legislators know where they want the money to go.

Below are some of the budget supports for the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA). A detailed list can be found here- DDA Budget supports

  • Community Supports for Children -Families caring for children and youth with significant behavioral issues need extra support. This funding will expand intensive habilitation services and out-of-home services for children and youth from ages eight to 21.
  • Continuum of Care- Children and youth with complex behavioral issues need a continuum of care across state agencies and local providers. Funding is provided to create a short term Residential Crisis Stabilization Program.
  • Transform Services for DDA Clients- Caseload forecasting for DDA services to better serve the needs of the community.
  • Enhanced Case Management- Expand access to the enhanced case management program from 700 to 1,500 clients.
  • Transitional Care Management Coordinate- transitions of care for 2,100 clients who move from one type of care setting to a new one. (For example hospitals or RHCs) Create transition coordination teams, mobile diversion and rapid response teams, and enhanced support for providers.
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