DDA has updated how Case Managers send emails to you to ensure that they are secure and safe. The new system has already started and the information below will help you understand the new process. If you are having trouble with the new process you can call or email your Case Manager and they can assist you.


  • You will receive an email from the Washington State Secure Email Portal. In the email you will see the seal of Washington on the top.
  • To read the email click on the blue box that says “Read the Message”
  • A new window will appear Click the link that says “Sign in with a One-time passcode”
  • Once you click that you will receive another email that will include your passcode which is a set of numbers – Example 12345678
  • Copy those numbers and put them into box on the other window and click continue
  • The email will then appear
  • You can reply to the email directly from the same window


If you have questions about the content of your message, or you are having issues opening your email or any attachments, contact the sender (e.g. your Case Manager). They may be able to resend your email in a different way.

Informing Families’ also has information with how to open the secure emails with images of the different steps https://informingfamilies.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Washington-State-Secure-Messaging-Explained-1.pdf. If you would like more information you can ask the DD Ombuds self-advocacy educator questions at [email protected] or 833-727-8900.

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