Written by Kelly Cotter, Posted by Tim McCue

The Pfizer vaccine recently got FDA approved. If you have not been vaccinated already and you qualify, it is extremely important to get vaccinated.

With Delta, an incredibly contagious variant of COVID-19 spreading around the country, it is important to stay safe. Recently, mask mandates were put in place again for Washington State, so whenever you are inside a pubic indoor place (like a mall or restaurant) please make sure that you are wearing a mask. This also means that if you are outdoors in an area with a group of more than 500 people, such as at this year’s Washington State Fair or an outdoor concert, you must also wear a mask.

Even if you are vaccinated it is important to follow these rules because you can still get and transmit the Delta variant. That means all of the precautions to avoid getting COVID are still important to do, such as using hand sanitizer/washing hands regularly and practicing social distancing.

The vaccines have been proven to be safe and extremely effective. To return to normal life we all have get the COVID vaccine to prevent new variants from forming.

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