Written by Kelly Cotter, Posted by Tim McCue 

After a 5 year wait the Paralympic games are here! The Paralympics is a global event where people with disabilities from around the world compete in sports. The Paralympics give athletes with disabilities the opportunity to show off their skills to their world. 

Because of COVID-19 the Olympic and Paralympic games have changed drastically.  

  • They are happening this year instead of last year 
  • NO fans are able to watch in person 
  • Athletes have to quarantine  
  • And much more 

However, these new rules are extremely inaccessible, especially to Paralympic athletes.  

This year Personal Care Assistants were not allowed to attend the games. Personal Care Assistants help athletes travel and get ready to compete in events. Without them, many athletes are unable to safely and comfortable compete. The 2021 Paralympics venue is a place that none of the Paralympic athletes have been to so they need a Personal Care Assistant to help them. As a result, many athletes had to drop out of the Paralympic Games.  

Because of COVID the Paralympics only had one Personal Care Assistant for dozens of athletes. This is in no way enough and made the Paralympics inaccessible for many. People with disabilities must have the accommodations they need to live safe and comfortable lives, and participate in activities such as the Paralympics. 

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