Written by Kelly Cotter, Posted by Tim McCue.

National Day of Silence is a demonstration led by students. It is acknowledged around the world. It advocates for LGBTQ students.  

LGBTQ stands for: 

  • L: Lesbian 
  • G: Gay 
  • B: Bisexual 
  • T: Transgender 
  • Q: Queer 

On this day people agree to stay silent for the entire school day. People do this for two reasons: 

  • To show support for LGBTQ people 
  • Protest harmful effects of harassment and discrimination 

This is because LGBTQ people are often harassed and silenced in school. The Day of Silence ends in a rally. At this rally LGBTQ people talk about their experiences.  

The purpose of the Day of Silence is: 

  • To hear from people who identify as LGBTQ 
  • Advocate for more inclusion at schools 

This year demonstrations will be virtual. To register click this link: https://www.studentorganizing.org/dayofsilence/ 

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