Washington State residents have started to receive the COVID-19 Vaccine. A vaccine is medicine. It usually comes in a shot. It protects you from getting sick. The COVID-19 Vaccine is a shot that can keep you from getting COVID-19.

To find out if you are eligible visit https://form.findyourphasewa.org or you can call 2–1–1 or The Washington State Department of Health at 88-856-5816. You can also text “vaccine” to 211–211. If you live with a residential provider you can ask them about getting a vaccine.

Below are ways to learn more about the COVID-19 Vaccine:


From Informing Families:



From the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network (ASAN)

COVID-19 Overview:


Easy to read vaccine guide:


Plain language vaccine fact sheet:



       From the Self Advocacy Resource and Technical Assistance Center (SARTAC)

COVID-19 Vaccine information in plain language:


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