Black History Month celebrates the contributions and impacts Black People have had on history. It is especially important because many history classes in school focus on white people.

Throughout the month try and learn about many important topics such as the African Slave Trade, Civil Rights Movement, the Black Lives Matter movement and systemic racism. These topics are important to understand what is happening today in the news.

In addition to that, highlighting Black Disabled voices is important. If you have not already, read our articles about Black Disabled people who have had huge influences on Disability History. They are rarely talked about even though they deserve recognition.

It is also incredibly important to recognize figures in Black history today who we lost this year.

George Floyd and Breonna Taylor both tragically lost their lives in the past couple of years because of police brutality. However, their deaths brought attention to police brutality and the Black Lives Matter Movement. This made people more aware of racism in America.

In July of this year, Representative John Lewis also passed. He had been a Representative for Georgia for over 30 years. Lewis was one of the people who had a big role in planning the March in Washington during the Civil Rights Movement. His work helped end racial segregation in America. As a Congressman, Lewis wanted to create an America where everyone was embraced regardless of the color their skin, gender identity, sexuality or social status.

In August of last year, the world also lost Chadwick Boseman, a famous actor who is known for playing Jackie Robinson, Thurgood Marshall, and the Black Panther from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Bringing historical figures to life has made people more aware of Black History and has allowed for there to be more representation in movies. His role created the opportunity for Black people around the world to see themselves as heroes and royalty.

It is so important to remember that Black Lives Matter, Black History Matters, and it is important that we continue to educate ourselves on these injustices throughout the year.

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