With COVID cases increasing around the world, it is incredibly important to remember the protocols that are going to keep us safe! This winter Doctors suspect there is going to be another spike in COVID cases because we will all be spending more time indoors.

1. Wash your hands for one minute every time you enter or leave your house

2. Wear a mask!

3. Keep your circle small and when you spend time with people who you do not live with, stay 6ft a part, wear a mask, and meet in open areas.

4. Make sure that you are checking in on your mental health. Especially in the colder months, COVID restrictions are making people feel especially isolated. It is important to remember that feeling down sometimes is perfectly normal and you should feel comfortable having mental health check-ins with loved ones.

5. Don’t forget to be smart during the holiday season. With the holidays coming up many are tempted to break social distancing rules to spend time with friends and family. However, it is SO important to remember that we must follow social distancing rules to keep our family healthy and return to our normal lives.

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