This week we will be highlighting Vilissa Thompson, one of the most influential Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) Disability Advocates today. In fact, she recently spoke at the Democratic National Convention, and worked with Senator Elizabeth Warren on creating the Disability Rights and Equality Policy Plan.

Thompson is a social worker as well as the founder of Ramp Your Voice!, an organization that gives Black, Disabled people a platform to talk about the issues that are important to them. She is very involved in politics and co-hosts a podcast called Wheelin’ and Dealin, in which she talks about politics from her own unique perspective.

However, Thompson is best known for her work in having more BIPOC disabled people in the media. In addition to starting the hashtag, Disability too White, which calls out the lack of BIPOC representation in the disability community, she also has spoken out about the lack of representation in movies and tv and how disabled people are often portrayed by non-disabled people.

To celebrate Disability History Month, DD Ombuds thank Thompson for all her hard work for diversifying future narratives of Disability History.

To learn more about Thompson follow her on Twitter, Instagram or check out her website!

Twitter: @vilissathompson

Instagram: @vilissathompson Website:

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