Voting is incredibly important. Not only is it our constitutional right, but it also allows us to make sure that we are being represented by people who will fight for what we value.

However, a lack of voter turnout is a huge problem in America. For example, in 2016, nearly 40% of eligible voters did not vote in the primary election.

That’s why we must remember to register to vote this fall as this year is the General Election. This means that we will be voting for our next President.

Sometimes people with disabilities are discouraged from voting. Here is a great video from Rooted in Rights that features people reminding you about the importance of voting! Washington allows for you to register to vote by mail, online or in person. If you register online the deadline is 8 days before the election. If you register by mail, your registration must be received 8 day before the election. This means that October 26th is the last day that you can register to vote by mail or online.

Here are other great resources to help you register and ready for voting!

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