The 2020 Census is a once-in-a-decade chance to inform the division of billions of dollars for critical public services such as hospitals, schools, roads, and emergency response teams. If the number of people with disabilities living in your community has increased, your community may be eligible to receive more public services. Census data is also used to allocate the number of representatives your state has in the House of Representatives.  Your participation can make a big difference!

If you would like to learn more about the Census you can visit #DisabilityCounts2020

You can respond to the 2020 Census in one of three ways:

  1. You can complete a questionnaire online
  2. The Census may be completed in any of several other languages, each with its own phone number.
  3. Return the questionnaire received in the mail.  (If you’re wondering whether the letter or postcard you received is legitimate, you can compare it to samples of the official letters and postcards they are sending to homes.)
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