Every year on the first Sunday of August Americans are encouraged to reach out to their friends and even make new ones on National Friendship Day.


Friendship is incredibly important for all of us! During childhood and adolescence friends teach people how to become better, more mature people. Friends also make people incredibly happy! But most importantly, friends give people a sense of meaning in life and help promote good mental health.


However, some people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) struggle to make friends due to a lack of access to the community. This is why it is especially important that people with IDD are supported to go out into the community.

There are many organizations and programs that foster relationships between people with and without disabilities. Best Buddies is one of the most notable programs. Best Buddies is a non-profit organization that fosters 1:1 friendships between people with and without a disability.

There are many Best Buddies Chapters throughout Washington for people of all ages and abilities. Also, if there is no chapter near you it is possible to open your own chapter. The Best Buddies Washington community is incredibly welcoming and positive. It has also allowed countless people with IDD to form long lasting relationships that improve their lives.

Below is a link to Best Buddies Washington’s website so you can learn more about the organization!


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