A white page with the DD Ombuds name and logo, along with the words "improving services for Youth with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities in Foster Care", along with a graphic of a house with three individuals outside of it. They are an adult and two youth, one of which is in a wheelchair. Below that is "September 2019".

The DD Ombuds released our newest report titled “Improving Services for Youth with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities in Foster Care”. The report identifies gaps that youth with developmental disabilities experience in the foster care system. The report explores ideas for further exploration on how to improve the foster care system for people with developmental disabilities.

The report identifies gaps in Washington State’s current system.  The report provides possible solutions by discussing what the system can be by using examples of what other states provide in their foster care system, and provides possible next steps that we can take in Washington to improve our system.

You can view this report and the other DD Ombuds issue reports at https://ddombuds.org/issue-reports/

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