2019 marks the DD Ombuds Office’s second year attending and participating in the Community Summit!

This year, the Community Summit hosted a number of incredible tech demos that showed off the interesting and at times unexpected assistive uses for technology. Some devices included mechanical limbs, custom switches for use with computers and games, phones with buttons with pictures in place of dialing a number, and even using VR as a way to introduce individuals to new environments.

Going along with this theme of technology, Tim McCue of the DD Ombuds gave the presentation “Digital Communities, Safe and Accessible Internet”. In the presentation, participants learned how important it is for individuals with disabilities to be included in the constant communications that happen online, what barriers exist and how to tackle them, and finally how they can do it in a way that is safe, easy, and most importantly, fun.

If you would like the Developmental Disabilities Ombuds to give that presentation or any other on the topic of Self Advocacy, call in at 833-727-8900 or send an email to [email protected].

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