The DD Ombuds have been tracking legislation that will impact the developmental disabilities community. The DD Ombuds is following our mission by informing the Legislature’s work to ensure safe, quality developmental disabilities services.  Some bills we are tracking:

SB 5338 and HB 1422 which would modify RCW 74.34 to clarify definitions, give authority to Adult Protective Services (APS) to share information with law enforcement, clarify APS authority to share information with DD Ombuds, and modify abuse registry structure.

SB 5359 would have funding by fees to investigate & resolve complaints of abuse, neglect, abandonment & financial exploitation in certified residential services and supports programs.

HB 1199 Healthcare for Workers with Disabilities (HWD) allows people with disabilities who are working to purchase medical coverage by paying a monthly premium that is based on their income. This bill prohibits establishing eligibility restrictions for the buy-in program based upon a person’s income or maximum age

SB 5483 Requires the department of social and health services to track and monitor the following and make the information available to the Office of the Developmental Disabilities Ombuds, the legislature, and the public upon request: (1) Clients receiving services from a provider that are taken to hospitals; and (2) Clients that are taken to hospitals once their provider terminates services.

If there are other bills you are tracking or want to discuss with us please let us know!

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