The 2019 legislative session is in full force. The snowy weather conditions have been making it hard for advocates to come to the Capitol. Here are other ways to reach you legislators without coming to the capitol.

Track a bill:

To track a bill online visit

You can enter in House bills or Senate bills.

For example you can type 1651 or 5843 to track the DDA Client Rights bills!

You can also call 360.786.7573 to talk to somebody at the Capitol.

Write an Email:

Contact info at

If you know the legislator’s name their email is the

Legislator’s first name (lower case) A period (.) Legislator’s last name (lower case)

Example: [email protected]

Contact by phone:

Call offices directly (360) 786-XXXX numbers are listed here:

Call the hotline (800-562-6000) (VOICE) or 1.800.833.6388 (TTY)

Use for legislators and the Governor

Hotline During Session: Open 8 am to 8 pm weekdays, Open 9 am to 1 pm Saturdays.

Say whether to oppose or support a bill.

Keep it brief.

Give name, address, and issue.


Contact by mail:

Handwritten letters have a major impact on the legislators, but it takes longer for them to get the information.

To find addresses for you legislators visit: and

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