When someone is looking for a place to live it is important to have all the details about your options in order to make an informed choice. In Washington State we have different options people can choose from when it comes to residential settings to receive support in. The options include: Supported Living Agencies, State Operated Living Alternatives (SOLAs), Adult Family Homes, Group Homes, Group Training Homes, and Companion Homes.

Depending on the Waiver service you receive it will fund certain living arrangements or supports.

If you are looking for a setting outside of your family homes Washington’s DSHS has locators that provide information about the provider including any inspections, investigations, or fines.

Adult Family homes- Adult Family Homes are an option providing a community based residential setting with 24 hour care and services. An adult family home can serve between 2 and 6 residents. All adult family homes provide some essential services including assistance with activities of daily living, meals, laundry and more

The Adult Family Home Locator is located at https://fortress.wa.gov/dshs/adsaapps/lookup/AFHPubLookup.aspx

Assisted Living Facilities- Assisted Living Facilities are facilities with 7 or more residents in a community setting where staff assumes responsibility for the safety and well-being of the adult. Housing, meals, laundry, supervision, and varying levels of assistance with care are provided.

The Assisted Living Facility locator is located at https://fortress.wa.gov/dshs/adsaapps/lookup/BHPubLookup.aspx


Supported Living- Supported Living support persons to live in their own homes with one to three other persons and receive instruction and support delivered by contracted service providers. Individuals pay their own rent, food, and other personal expenses.

The Supported Living Locator is located at https://fortress.wa.gov/dshs/adsaapps/Lookup/SLAdvLookup.aspx


Companion Home Services are delivered in the Companion Home provider’s home with the goal of providing teaching and training to assist the client gain independence while providing access to 24-hour supervision.


State Operated Living Alternatives – (SOLA) is a supported living service that helps adults to live in their own homes with one to three others and receive supports delivered by state employees. Supports are provided up to 24 hours per day and are based on individual need and the sharing of support within a household.


If you have questions about which waiver you are on, want to change where you live, or get your needs reassessed you can ask your Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) Case Resource Manager. To read about residential options visit https://www.dshs.wa.gov/dda/consumers-and-families/residential-services

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