This year was People First’s 40th Convention since it was established in 1978. The convention was held in Olympia at the Hotel RL, and saw membership from across Washington attend. Members participated in a number of workshops, including a DD Ombuds presentation, “How to navigate Abuse and Neglect towards People with Disabilities”, and Sorretie Jaro’s presentation, “What are you gonna do? ADVOCATE”, about educating legislators and her SARTAC fellowship. The DD Ombuds resource table had over 150 visitors who walked away with promotional materials such as coasters, door hangers, pens, water bottles so folks know how to contact us. People also learned about the work of the DD Ombuds and collected information to help solve problems.

If you would like the DD Ombuds to table or present on abuse and neglect at your next event, send an email to [email protected].

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