People with developmental disabilities enjoy going out into the community and participating in activities just like everybody else. With the summer coming to an end we are going to highlight a few stories we heard from community members about how they used Community Guide and Engagement along with other DDA services to enjoy summer fun!

People enjoyed going to County fairs! While in Clark County we heard stories from people returning from, and getting ready to attend the Clark County Fair. People enjoyed playing games, going on rides, and eating delicious fair food. People used providers to take them to the fair so they could participate in all the fun!

We were also told stories of people going out with Community Guide and Engagement providers to go to art walks, street fairs, movies and lunch with friends, sporting events, hikes, and resource fairs.

If you need assistance finding Community Guide and Engagement providers near you visit to use the locator on the Informing Families website. If you have questions about if you qualify for or how to use Community Guide and Engagement services contact your DDA Case Resource Manager.

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